We are non-profit organization Spektar and we are offering support (advising) to the landlords (owners) of vacation rentals (bed and breakfast) in Croatia.

This website Klub iznajmljivača (Owner's club) provide all needed information and support that are important to the owners of the vacation houses or apartments in Croatia; how to rent a property to the tourists, which law apply for that, obligations, registration of the business... We are association and we function like a member's club.

We are sorry, but at the moment this website cannot be completely translated into English.

If you are the owner of vacation property in Croatia or you plan to start this business we can advise you following:


1. There is a special booklet written on English + website about how to start a bed and breakfast business in Croatia. Please visit: www.croatia-holidayandhome.co.uk

2. There is an advisory company Interligo with an office in Split. They also provide information how to run holiday apartments in Croatia. Please visit: www.interligo.hr


For more information, please contact us on: [email protected]


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